Some Unpopular Facts About Unicorn Cakes

Some Unpopular Facts About Unicorn Cakes

The unicorn refers to a mythological animal that is depicted as a single horned horse in the centre of the head. The unicorn has magically appeared in Greek literature as well as Bible verses. It is considered to be a magical creature that can heal a variety of diseases. In recent years, unicorns are considered as an initial symbol of cure and healing. This is how unicorn themed cakes came into existence. If you want to order birthday cake online for your kid, they are surely going to love the idea of a unicorn themed cake. 

Unicorns have also found their way to popular culture. It has flooded the marketplace by appearing on everything from cartoons to clothing to restaurant menus. The lovers of unicorn have literally eaten up unicorn themed coffee drinks, toast and birthday cakes. People have flooded the social media with pictures of beautiful cake designs and there are lots of posts with #unicorncake on Instagram alone. 

Who has started the trend?

A Canadian bakery is considered to start the trend of unicorn cakes. Unlike the mythological creatures that have inspired them, unicorn cakes did not just come out of a cloud of glittering light. It is the brainchild of a Canadian cake artist. So, if you order Online cake delivery near me, you may find lots of bakeries selling unicorn themed cakes today. 

Jenna Hutchinson is the name of the cake decorator that has started the trend in Winnipeg, Canada. She made her first creation of the unicorn cake in 2016 as per customer's request for a little girl's birthday. The ultimate product was beautifully decorated with fondant horn, eyelashes and colourful tail and mane. There was enough buttercream frosting to make the dreams come true of the little girl. 

The cake artist posted the picture of her fabulous 4 layered unicorn cake creation on Instagram. It was through the magic of social media the post became viral and the artist saw orders flooding in from clients who wanted to recreate the similar version of the cake for their own events. Today, if you want to order birthday cake online, you will easily get unicorn themed cakes from renowned bakeries in the city. 

Unicorn cake was the top trending Google search keyword in 2018

One of the finest indicators of how famous something is whether or not people are looking for it online. Even if you do not consider yourself to be someone who is on the edge of something popular, it is not challenging to discover what trends have made the people talking on the internet. 

In the age of social media, where most people have access to tablets, laptops and cell phones at any given time, a quick search through the internet can tell you what is trending in a matter of seconds. 

Unicorn cakes have joined the likes of Bitcoin, black panther, royal wedding and fortnite on the list of things that got billions of people clicking and talking in 2018. Unicorn cake was the top trending Google search item in the United States in the food category for the year 2018. 

Celebrity kids love unicorn cake

If you want to turn out to be a pop culture phenomenon, it is a lot simpler to become viral when you have friends in high societies. Celebrity moms look forward to giving their kids the best birthday parties possible, and shower them with all the sugary magic and sprinkles that their Little hearts desire. Are you looking forward to giving the best surprise to your kids on their birthday? Try to order birthday cake online and you will have their hearts desire. 

The rise in fame of the unicorn cake got help from high profile parents that posted pictures of large cakes from their children's unicorn themed birthday parties. Sara Michelle Gellar, Kim Kardashian West, and Tori Spelling were just a few celebrity names that helped boost the unicorn cake business by sharing it on the massive social networks. 


If you want to celebrate your kids birthday in style and are looking for Online cake delivery near me, unicorn themed cake may be your next best option for celebration.