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Pineapple Doll Cake

Regular price Rs. 950.00
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Order Placing Time- 2days before
Type- Eggless/with egg both available
Price- Rs. 950/- for 1kg
Rs. 1900/- for 1.5 kg
Rs. 2850/- for 2kg
Rs. 3800/- for 2.5kg
Rs. 4750/- for 3kg
Description- A Barbie Doll come alive on to your table and then on to your plate and slowly into your tummy. Pineapple cream filled Barbie Doll Cake is a delicious cake with a generous soft and moist cake. It's pineapple sponge layers with yummy crushed pineapple and pineapple flavored soft whipped cream makes this cake absolutely irresistible and divine.
Caring Tips-
● Don't squeeze the side of the box while receiving.
● The cake should be refrigerated before serving.
● Cover the leftover cake and then refrigerate.
● Consume within 2days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
S Dutta

I have ordered cakes from all popular cake shops in my city and found that the frosted memory is the best one. The quality of their cakes is exceptional and their pricing is reasonable. But what really won me over was the delivery guarantee they provide.

Pauravi Thakurta

Frosted Memory was the best cake at the best price. I loved it! I found that they provide delivery guarantee which I liked very much. They also offer flexible payment options, so if you are looking for a bakery, Frosted Memory is the right place to go!